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What SEO Means and How It Works

The term SEO, which comes from Search Engine Optimization, refers to a process in Internet marketing aimed at increasing the volume and quality of visitors through organic search. The result of successful optimization is a website adapted in form and content so that search engines evaluate it as user-quality, display it in higher search positions and thus increase its natural, i.e. unpaid traffic.

Unlike advertising campaigns, where the results are seen relatively soon, SEO has a more long-term impact. It involves constant optimization of content and other factors for search engines, which can be influenced on and off the site. This is because search engines work by always trying to find the most relevant result for the user. Not only positive but also negative factors influence the positioning. Positive factors include, for example, well-chosen headings and keywords, fast loading times, the correct shape of URLs, site structure and responsiveness for mobile devices.

SEO is therefore not only about keywords, but also about using them correctly and logically, getting quality backlinks, enabling proper indexing of content and the overall functional aspect of the site.

Unethical and Prohibited Practices and Techniques

We’ve already made it clear which positive SEO factors contribute to your website’s ranking. However, it is important to remember that your website should be optimized for its visitors first and foremost, and if you try to artificially increase its organic traffic, you may be penalized by search engines. Temporarily, your website may move up to a better position, but in the long run, you will certainly hurt yourself.

Techniques that try to fool the search engine algorithm, such as the deliberate use of excessive amounts of keywords in meta tags and the body of the page, hiding visible keyword-oriented content, hidden duplicates and links, or artificially created backlinks from irrelevant and non-authoritative sites, are very well recognized by today’s search engines. It is therefore best to focus on original content and the most natural form of communicating information that is relevant to your website.

Our Studio, Website Development and SEO

As part of the creation of websites in our studio, we deal with search engine optimization and basic SEO is always included in the estimated approximate price of your future website. While we won’t write a customized article for you and we won’t come up with specific texts, we can at least reformulate your content to make it more relevant to search engines. Technical SEO such as meta titles, meta descriptions, Open Graph meta data for social networks, proper URL structure, load speed optimization and responsiveness on mobile devices are a given for us. We implement and set up these basic SEO practices automatically when creating any website.

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