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Branding Is the Foundation of a Successful Business

Most potential customers will first notice the graphic design of your brand. Visual expression can attract much more than mere words. A concise, creative and easy to remember logo or logotype and the overall branding of your brand are the alpha and omega of a successful business. They influence the customer’s perception of your company, its professionalism and the perception of your products and services.

Sometimes, however, communication with a graphic design studio is a rather complicated thing and the question ”What if I don’t like the design?” will surely come to mind. If you have a specific idea or, on the contrary, you have no idea at all, the graphic designer will ask you a lot of questions, but in the end his vision is completely different from yours and the processing of the order can be considerably prolonged, which costs the graphic designer time and money.

Company Introduction and Your Preferences

There’s no worse order for a graphics studio than one they know nothing about. If it does not know you, your company, its philosophy, history and target group, it will not be able to prepare a quality and appropriate design for you. Especially when creating a logo, logo manual or corporate identity, at least a basic introduction of your company is essential.

Then comes your preferences. Of course, the ideal situation is when you, as the client, have a clear idea of the aesthetic form and know what you want. It could be a specific colour or font you would like to use in the design, or it could be a specific shape, idea or thought. You can send the graphic design studio links or images that are similar in style to your desired output. This will greatly reduce the number of proofreading, and a detailed analysis can also help you better estimate the time required for the job.

If you only have a general idea of what you want, you need to have a dialogue with the graphic design studio. Consult. Ask questions. Make suggestions. No one can understand everything and a good graphics studio should point you in the right direction. In addition to the final design, you are paying for expertise and it may be that the studio will offer you a better or more affordable solution than you originally intended. Most graphic design studios, including ours, offer a free consultation. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

Allow the studio creative freedom too, but don’t leave everything up to them. Consult at the beginning and during the process. The more you communicate with your graphic design studio and give them sufficient feedback, the closer the final design will be to your ideas.

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