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How to Choose the Right Graphics Studio

There are several aspects that will tell you which graphic design studio to approach. The first thing you should definitely be interested in is the portfolio of completed projects. Every graphic design studio has, to a certain extent, a style that they are dedicated to. If you find projects you like in the portfolio of a graphic design studio, this is one of the most important signals for future cooperation.

Other signals also include the design of the website, the presentation of the graphic studio in the online space, references from clients and last but not least their ratings on platforms such as Google or Facebook. But it’s not just about portfolio, references and reviews. The overall impression, missing images or SSL certificate or generic content that can be seen everywhere are things that should alert you. On the other hand, if you are interested in the presentation of a graphic design studio and it is interesting or professional content, it is not wise to throw away the contact, but it is certainly worth keeping it, perhaps for the future.

Two-Way Communication and Feedback

Of course, communication is also an important criterion. This is a subjective but equally important aspect that should influence the choice of a graphic design studio. This includes whether you understand each other literally and figuratively when communicating. Do you meet each other’s wording, do you listen to each other and are you able to develop common ideas?

Do you feel that the studio understands your feedback and you find the conversation enjoyable and most importantly beneficial? Then you have most likely found a suitable studio for future collaboration. You can find out if you will get along directly with our studio by contacting us via email.

However, if you do not feel comfortable with our communication, a referral is clearly the best alternative. You can ask around your neighbourhood, industry acquaintances, colleagues or friends. If you don’t have anyone to turn to, search engines and social networks are useful tools. If someone has been recommended to you, but you don’t feel that they are responsive and you can rely on them, it is better to keep looking. Occasionally you may come across a great graphic design studio that suits your friend, but the chemistry between you and the studio would not work, and you can often tell just by first impressions.

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